Thursday, March 11, 2010

Meet Schmoo and Monkey!

Schmoo and Monkey are my sous chefs! Everything I make is approved by them! They enjoy working with me every dinner to ensure a healthy meal! The Monkey was diagnosed with allergies when he was a wee baby, we *thought* he had outgrown them, but unfortunately, he is still intolerant to many foods. Because of this, we have had to cut out a large number of foods. However, I am still able to make wonderful meals AND the Monkey is FINALLY (after three long years) sleeping through the night! That makes for a happy, happy Momma!
Schmoo loves veggies, fruits, and herbs. He knows most of the names. He is very adament about what types of herbs and veggies go into different dishes. He really loves lentils...doesn't matter if they are brown or red. He thinks they are delicious. He also is a big fan of mangoes and apples. I'd say his favorite herb is basil.

Monkey loves most soups, most fruits, and pizza. He is really wanting to learn how to chop veggies and I help him a little bit. His fav all time thing is to help me with baked goods: cookies, breads, pies, cakes! He's a bit of a chocolate addict!

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